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Te'elk-repose by xarockolipsekittenx
Te'e'lk in repose this is a ful body view that gave me a bit of grief. He's holding flowers for an unknown reason they are peace blooms, a flower of peace of Earth. I drew antea on top of the stalk eyes intentionally it's not a mistake. His tail is naturaly this short, near half the length of a regular Andalite he was just born like that along with being raven black. 
Death-loves-distruction-Mathiel by xarockolipsekittenx
A Romance between the Angel of Death and Ram the apokolipse beast of destruction seems a tad far featched on manay baises but I had to think about it :D If Ram was some how in the Diablo Universe though no one would want to be his friend except for perhaps cultists
All-that-matters by xarockolipsekittenx
Lax is safe and that's all that matters . . well and he blew up the gate Kuthulu and cohorts were trying to get through XD Ram's going to be sore and needing a serious pile of pancakes.
Yu'taili the Huntress by xarockolipsekittenx
Yu'taili the Huntress
my female Yujata/Human hybrid I've just finally putt! So excited she's been bouncing around my head ever since I seen Predator really. Just proceeded to escalate after Preadator 2 and AVP I thought long and hard about. With Her coloring I finaly settled on black, mother is African American and her fathers a bit of a mix of the hyp pred2 tye mixed with the anti hero of AVP. She's large by human standards but just the height of an average male Yujata. Her nicknames Night Fury translated into various languages of Earth because she's gotten into the habit of only coming out at night unless you know something's going on. b) even her armors painted black C) she fights like the ancient legendary Furies. SHe may have not been able to leave Earth immedietly so she spanned it when she becameoldenoughrning languages cultures and species of interest. TO spit little contact by her father she's looked into various forms of Hand to Hand and ranged combat and is superb in it.

She can read body language well in and out of conflict. She of course had to be home schooled I mean a kid like that cant be lead into kinderguarden unless her mom wants black suits at her door. I needed a source pic for this pose so ibelievetwas drawn by another on here. I changed the pic only slightly when colored she'll be black. What shes holding is only a tad different.

I do not claime ownership! Just my hybrid idea. She likes fishing with a net or lure just don't sneak up on her  :)  Al

She's a hunter for sure but also a Bounty as well. She can't help but to get mixed up in human affairs but  rather than take the money offered ninety five percent of the time she turns it over to organizations or people who need it. She's content on not having anything except basics.
Prince-and-alpha-color by xarockolipsekittenx
Colored version for Mr-Dodo and everyone else that wanted to see a color scheme that would fit his mix of races plus I wanted to do Saki in lavender and was itching to break into my new pastel packets :D Bluebell is purpusly the same color as Saifryou as it makes him more identifiable as a suragent to the little moth. his ears are lost in his locks bah!  hard seeing he has indigo eyes  . . that is against the iconic deep black most Yuatja's have around their eyes.I Resolved making his spikes black as it adds in exotic tone along with flaking. Bloody hell his mandibles!! Yes I'm keeping them! how? trickily let me tell you. His teeth are of course not black. They co exist with his little tendrils on his face that assist in tasting and eating and what not.  

My wonderful (old *cough*) scanner cut off half his tai!l girr! No Clasp means he's not mated yet :3 Yes Sakaki is holding onto his thumb XD I need to work on head tilting as he's supposed to be looking more up at him. >.> getting better. . . eh. . 

The scar on his chest is purposely lighter given the texture and coloring of a scar progressing over years. His own brother Segorath gave him that as well as the Wrist blade scars under his chin few become so close to see. Saifryou can self heal but that doesn't mean some injuries won't leave scarring. 

Noted differences: I drew more of the outside before coloring such as the pillars leading to the garden, the sun in the back ground and the stone path as well as the tribal beads around his neck in accompaniment to the amulet he made with his Mother he trustingly give's Sakaki even though he has jewels of his own. The crystal is his birth stone that will go black upon death except for a small amout at the center.

I hope you like this Mr-Dodo / Angelic-Blossoms 

More sketches are coming of Saify of Self including full body and pairings :3 oh my gosh though . . . his hoofs are another problem >.< Damn you Eraders for haven hoofs instead of regular footies! 

I ranther like pairing these two, as our Story Collaborating progresses, quickly becoming top 10 fave O C pairings. because they seem to contrast but Co Exhist in appearance and Personality. Sakaki's the first in a long time to treat him with kindness instead of malice, aside from his Master his unrelated brothers Ty'reix and Jei and the moody Te'elk. 


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Love and Music never dies
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Some what unbalanced and dreamy.

Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Classic, Pop, Dance, Techno, Metal, Alternative, Industrial, New Age
Favourite style of art: Appealing, Concept, Sureal
Favorite cartoon character: Eeyore, Donald Duck
Personal Quote: Yesterdays history, tomorrows a mystery but todays a gift that's why they call it a present

Chasing Flying Monkeys

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 3, 2014, 2:12 PM
  • Mood: Miserable
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I almost feel like Dorthy in the wizard of Oz . .. being chased by nonvenomous almost baboon winged monkeys that are of my current troubles. Some are attacking me and some are trying to fly away from me because I need to deal with them.i took a hiatus for my self in Summer time yet still there's overwhelming. The two week vacation in June didn't seem near enough. It's gotten me rather moody to say the least. 

My personal projects are now running into classes, other volunteer activities and family time, Role Play time. Which I've picked up with some old friends as a means to deescalate things. Its rather depressing when you are consistently reminded of how far you still need to go and you're in a hole. i'm Practically being called a failure in life by the one person who is supposed to support me. I should find the braniac that decided part time people going to college part time don't have a life outside of it. My current jobs not cutting it and thy're treating me liek crap for the years of service. Hell people go into the aramy for that don't they? Some of my arts and drawings are begiing refecting my moodyness especialy up coming ones though theres fluf there and here.

I've been trying to draw ideas to get my mind off things but i will have to face classes soon I can't believe they start the 10th! Anyways if there's more Requests feel free to ask other wise i will put up more scinario pics and pairings. I'm getting really comfortable drawing saifryou :3 


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From how you present yourself, you seem to be a very kind and wise soul. I hope this does not sound too ... "weird" to you and that I get my point stated quite right. :)
But, I truly like the way you see life in a precious way. Keep that angel-like attitude for it is rare and just as precious as life itself. :cuddle:

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