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Don't go where I can't fallow
Don't go where it's dark and you can't hear me
Where there are shadows and Shinny things
Along the path where many long gone walk
I've followed by this far and I'll keep going but there's some places I can't go yet
If you go there, you're on your own
Even though I can't carry your burden I'll carry you
I will carry you
I can't if you stop fighting
I can't if you fall into that Shades reach
If you go beyond my reach
Don't you lose him He toled me from then a chain was forged and I won't stray from you no matter how you stray from your path or how far you go
I don't mean to
I don't mean to
Up on my shoulders now
Up on my back now
Keep your eyes open don't shut them now What Grace has given me these wings will carry us
No fangs or blades hallowed water or Shades will keep me from urging on
Up these steps I will climb with you I have just to spare for us both
Stay with me as I have stayed with you
Don't go cold
I watched Return of the King with a friend the other day and woke up right in the middle of the night with Muse struck insperation this is after i decifered my scribble I swear its liek im writting in a foriegn language at 3am
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December 30, 2012
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